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World Metrology Day - May 20

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  1. Aramet
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Belarus
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Botswana
  6. Brazil
  7. China
  8. Chinese Taipei
  9. Colombia
  10. Cuba
  11. Ecuador
  12. France (LNE)
  13. France (Metrodiff)
  14. Hungary
  15. India
  16. Italy (INRIM)
  17. Italy (Politecnico di Bari)
  18. Kenya
  19. Mauritius
  20. Mexico (CENAM)
  21. Mexico (Etalons)
  22. Mongolia
  23. Montenegro
  24. New Zealand
  25. Norway
  26. Peru
  27. Portugal
  28. Russian Federation
  29. Saint Lucia
  30. Saudi Arabia (IMC Academy)
  31. Saudi Arabia (NMCC/SASO)
  32. Saudi Arabia (SQC)
  33. Slovakia
  34. South Africa
  35. Spain
  36. Ukraine
  37. United Arab Emirates
  38. United Kingdom
  39. United States
  40. Uzbekistan
  41. Vietnam
  42. Zambia
  43. Zimbabwe


Posted: 2019-03-19 @ 14:30 UTC+1


ARAMET celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

ARAMET is a regional metrology organization (RMO), established in 2012 under the umbrella of the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO). AIDMO has its own legal entity and financial and administrative autonomy. AIDMO consists currently of more than twenty Arab member states. The main objective of AIDMO is to ensure Arab industrial integration and coordination, it seeks as well to upgrade capacity-building in industry, mining and standardization spheres to promote production, foster productivity and develop joint industrial projects at the national and regional levels.

For more information, please click here.

ARAMET has translated the Directors' message into Arabic - please click here to download it.


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Bangladesh (BSTI)

Posted: 2019-06-12 @ 08:25 UTC+2


Bangladesh celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) observed the World Metrology Day 2019 by holding a special discussion programme at the Headquarters of the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution Auditorium, Dhaka. The day was observed in all the other Divisional Regional offices i.e. Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal and Sylhet in the same manner.

For a full report, click here and to download a series of photos click here.


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Belarus (BelGIM)

Posted: 2019-04-10 @ 18:25 UTC+2


Belarus celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

On the occasion of World Metrology Day 2019, the National Metrology Institute of Belarus (BelGIM) is planning a number of events including a news conference, Workshop, Welcome Day at NMI and other events.

The big workshop to be held on May 20 will address the redefinition of the base units of the International System of Units (SI) and will bring together professionals from science, industry, business and universities in Belarus.

For more information please visit: www.belgim.by


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Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBIH)

Posted: 2019-05-03 @ 16:25 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 15 and 16 May 2019 the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBIH) is organizing a celebration event on the occasion of World Metrology Day. World Metrology Day is celebrated on 20 May, and this year's theme is "Redefinition of SI base units" (kilogram, ampere, kelvin and mole), which will be officially in use from 20 May 2019. A more detailed explanation of the new definitions of SI units, as well as its impact on science and human activities in general, will be presented together with the services provided by the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main event will be held on 15 May at Hotel HILLS, Ilidža, Sarajevo.

This event will be attended by numerous strategic and business partners from the governmental institutions, academic community and business sector. The ambassadors of the countries that have significantly supported the projects dedicated to the strengthening of the metrology system in Bosnia and Herzegovina will also enhance the importance of this event with their esteemed presence.

On 16 May, an “Open-door Day” will be organized at the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, during which all interested parties will be able to visit the laboratories of the Institute and attend presentations of activities and services in-situ.

For more information please visit: www.met.gov.ba


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Botswana (BOBS)

Posted: 2019-06-04 @ 17:25 UTC+2


Botswana celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

The Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) joined other National Metrology Institutes around the world to commemorate World Metrology Day 2019. In addition Botswana celebrated its first CMCs in the BIPM KCDB which were officially published on 29th April 2019. In commemorating WMD and celebrating the published CMCs the following activities were organized:

1.       Pre-Event Awareness Creation

In order to create more awareness, a Press Release emphasizing the importance of WMD 2019, in particular the revised SI Units and the benefits of publishing CMCs in the BIPM KCDB, was placed in weekly newspapers and published on 18th May 2019. A radio talk show with a national radio station aired one of the BOBS’ Metrologist (Senior Scientist) on 17th May 2019, emphasizing the importance of metrology and the revised SI Units.

2.       Main Event Seminar

On 20th May 2019 a seminar was held in which Professor Gregory Hillhouse, The Head of Department of Physics and Astronomy at Botswana International University of Science and Technology, graced the event as the guest speaker. The BOBS’ Director Commercial Enterprises gave welcome remarks which set the tone for the event by giving historical background of the revised SI Units. In attendance were captains of industry, testing laboratories heads, Government representatives, Accreditation Body representatives and media personnel. WMD Posters with BOBS logo were distributed to the participants after the seminar. To further market this very important event, banners with the SI Units and BOBS logos were displayed outside the venue where the seminar was held.

3.       Post-Event Activities

On 21st May 2019, an interview conducted with BOBS’ Manager Laboratory Service Industrial Metrology was aired on the main morning news bulletin with one of the national radio stations (RB2) and in the Morning Show of National Television, Botswana Television (BTV). On the same day the proceedings of the seminar were also aired on National Television (BTV) during the main news bulletin in the evening. Furthermore, on 23rd May 2019 BOBS’ participated in a private radio talk-show (Duma FM) in which the WMD background, importance of measurements and what it means for having published CMCs as Botswana were some of the points discussed.

3.1   Taking metrology matters to schools

Furthermore, BOBS intends to distribute the WMD posters to various senior secondary schools to sensitize the students about the revised SI Units and the importance of measurements.

Photos of Botswana's celebration of World Metrology Day: Click here


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Brazil (Inmetro)

Posted: 2019-05-03 @ 23:20 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Brazil

In order to celebrate the redefinition of the International System of Units (SI) and present its implications, Inmetro, through its Directorate of Scientific Metrology and Technology (Dimci) is organizing the event "The new SI: fundamentally better -  what changes in metrology, productive sector and in society" which will take place on May 20, 2019, at 1:30 p.m., in the auditorium of the National Confederation of Commerce (CNC), in the Center of Rio de Janeiro.

On this occasion, the Institute will release the publication "Cadernos de Metrologia", with technical papers written by Inmetro's researchers about the multiple aspects of the redefinition, launched at the 26th General Conference of Weights and Measures last November, in France.

For more information and registration, contact eventos@inmetro.gov.br.


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China (SAMR)

Posted: 2019-06-18 @ 16:25 UTC+2


P.R. China celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

On May 20, nearly 500 Chinese and overseas guests, academicians, experts and scholars from the metrology field gathered at the China Hall of Science and Technology in Beijing and participated in a ceremony in celebration of this year’s World Metrology Day.

For a full report, click here.


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Chinese Taipei (BSMI)

Posted: 2019-05-17 @ 08:40 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day events in Chinese Taipei

To welcome the historical change in metrology – Re-definition of the SI, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) of Taiwan, R.O.C., is organizing a forum in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) on May 20, 2019.

The forum entitled “International Trend of Metrology – The International System of Units – Fundamentally Better” will be held on May 20 in Hsinchu, which includes keynote speeches and a Summit Forum. Dr. Takashi Usuda, CIPM Secretary, and Dr. Chia-Seng Chang, Researcher Fellow & Director, Academia Sinica, are invited to be the keynote speakers and will present their views on the following topics:

  1. SI Redefinition- Challenge for Next Generation Metrology
  2. Trend of Modern Metrology and Quantum Physics

Concerning the Summit Forum, eight experts are invited from academia, industry, and government as the panelists to share their experience from their specific perspectives on Response and Challenge to the Innovative Application of New Metrology Development.

The afternoon session is a tour to the New SI laboratory. The systems include -28SI Sphere weight standards, resonant acoustic gas thermometers temperature and absolute radiant temperature standards, quantized voltage and resistance standards, and isotope measurement system for mole standards.

For more information about World Metrology Day celebration events in Taiwan, please visit: www.bsmi.gov.tw/wSite/mp?mp=2


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Colombia (INM)

Posted: 2019-04-11 @ 12:27 UTC+2


Colombia celebrates World Metrology Day 2019


El Instituto Nacional de Metrología de Colombia (INM) es la autoridad que coordina la metrología científica e industrial del país. Se encarga de ejecutar actividades que permitan la innovación y soporten el desarrollo económico, científico y tecnológico mediante la investigación, la prestación de servicios metrológicos, el apoyo a las actividades de control metrológico y la diseminación de mediciones trazables al Sistema Internacional de Unidades (SI).

Para este año, organizamos un evento especial los días 23 y 24 de mayo en el marco de la celebración del Día Mundial de la Metrología con invitados de talla mundial. Bajo el lema El SI, Fundamentalmente mejor, contamos con la participación del Dr. Martin Milton, Director de la Oficina Internacional de Pesas y Medidas (BIPM) quien visita por primera vez a Colombia. Confirmamos a Joachim Ullrich, Presidente del Instituto Nacional de Metrología alemán (PTB).

Además tendremos el honor de contar con el Dr. Zoltan Mester, Líder de Metrología Química del Consejo Nacional de Investigación de Canadá (NRC) y Presidente de la división de Química Analítica de la Unión Internacional de Química Pura y Aplicada (IUPAC). Otros invitados como el Dr. Saúl Pineda Hoyos, Viceministro de Desarrollo Empresarial, Bernardo Calzadilla, Director del Departamento de Comercio, Inversión e Innovación de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo Industrial (ONUDI). El anfitrión del evento será el Director General del INM, Edwin Cristancho Pinilla, PhD.

Para mayor información por favor visite: www.inm.gov.co/index.php/sala-prensa/dia-mundial-de-la-metrologia 




The National Institute of Metrology of Colombia (INM) is the authority that coordinates scientific and industrial metrology in the country. It is responsible for executing activities that allow innovation and support economic, scientific and technological development through research, the provision of metrological services, support for metrological control activities and the dissemination of measurements traceable to the International System of Units (SI).

For this year, we organized a special event on May 23 and 24 in the framework of the celebration of World Metrology Day with world-class guests. Under the slogan The SI, Fundamentally better, we have the participation of Dr. Martin Milton, Director of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) who visits Colombia for the first time. We confirm also Joachim Ullrich, President of the German National Institute of Metrology (PTB).

We will also have the honor of having Dr. Zoltan Mester, Chemical Metrology Leader of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and President of the Analytical Chemistry division of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). We will also welcome other guests such as Dr. Saúl Pineda Hoyos, Vice Minister of Business Development, and Bernardo Calzadilla, Director of the Department of Trade, Investment and Innovation of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The host of the event will be the General Director of INM, Edwin Cristancho Pinilla, PhD.

For more information please visit www.inm.gov.co/index.php/sala-prensa/dia-mundial-de-la-metrologia 


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Cuba (NC)

Posted: 2019-05-15 @ 09:45 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Cuba

In the context of its "Anniversary of the Metre Convention" program, the National Bureau of Standards (NC) Cuba is organizing a series of Press Conferences, addresses by representatives from the BIPM and the BIML, posters and television interviews.

For more details and the full list please download the event PDF file.


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Ecuador (INEN)

Posted: 2019-05-17 @ 22:45 UTC+2


Ecuador celebra el Día Mundial de la Metrología 2019

La metrología, una de las ciencias que apoyan la invención y la creatividad humana, es muy importante en la vida cotidiana debido a la necesidad que tenemos de realizar mediciones confiables.

En Ecuador, el Servicio Ecuatoriano de Normalización - INEN es el organismo responsable de la metrología y actúa como el organismo nacional competente en las magnitudes tales como masa, volumen, longitud, fuerza, presión, humedad, temperatura, energía y química.

Por este motivo y en el marco del Día Mundial de la Metrología, el Director Ejecutivo del INEN, César Díaz Guevara, ha extendido una cordial invitación a estudiantes, profesionales, la industria y el público en general al evento “El Sistema Internacional de Unidades – Fundamentalmente mejor” que se llevará a cabo el 31 de mayo del 2019, a partir de las 09:00, en el auditorio 2 de la Escuela Politécnica Nacional ubicado en Quito. En este evento, expertos técnicos en Metrología brindarán conferencias sobre la importancia de la metrología en la vida cotidiana. Además de ello, se llevara a cabo visitas guiadas al Laboratorio Nacional de Metrología del INEN durante la semana del 20 al 23 de mayo.

Para obtener más información, puede visitar nuestro sitio web www.normalizacion.gob.ec, o contactarnos por correo electrónico: consultas.metrologia@normalizacion.gob.ec


Ecuador celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

Metrology, one of the sciences that support invention and human creativity, is very important in everyday life due to the need we have to make reliable measurements.

In Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Standardization Service - INEN is the body responsible for metrology and acts as the national body competent in the magnitudes such as mass, volume, length, force, pressure, humidity, temperature, energy and chemistry.

For this reason and in the framework of World Metrology Day, the Executive Director of INEN, César Díaz Guevara, extended a cordial invitation to students, professionals, industry and the general public to the event "The International System of Units - Fundamentally better" that will take place on May 31, 2019, starting at 09:00, in Auditorium 2 of the National Polytechnic School located in Quito. In this event, technical experts in Metrology will give lectures on the importance of metrology in everyday life. In addition, guided visits to the National Metrology Laboratory of INEN will be carried out from May 20 to May 23.

For more information, please visit our website www.normalizacion.gob.ec, or contact us by email: consultas.metrologia@normalizacion.gob.ec


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France (LNE)

Posted: 2019-05-03 @ 17:35 UTC+2


LNE, France celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

On the occasion of World Metrology Day 2019 and the implementation of the new definitions of the kilogram, ampere, mole and kelvin, the French National Metrology and Testing Laboratory (LNE) is organising a special event with its experts to review this revolution.

This is an opportunity, especially for teachers, to learn more about the world of measurement, at the heart of high school physics and chemistry programs. Why a shared system? The end of material standards? What is the purpose of traceability? What will be the impact of the new definitions? LNE proposes to answer all these questions during a round table discussion with its scientists. The chance for everyone to learn more about the measurement universe and the International System of Units.

For more information: www.lne.fr/fr/actualites/table-ronde-SI-20-mai-2019


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France (Metrodiff)

Posted: 2019-04-15 @ 10:30 UTC+2


Metrodiff (France) fête la Journée mondiale de la métrologie 2019

L'association Métrodiff a pour but de promouvoir la culture métrologique et de mettre en place tout type d’action concourant à la diffusion de cette culture. Outre la présentation de l’association et de ses activités, l’objectif de Métrodiff et de son site web est de permettre une approche des notions de base de la métrologie, de son histoire, de la métrologie contemporaine et de la structuration actuelle de son domaine.

L’association aborde d’autres questions de mesure, plus sociaux, tels les indicateurs. La richesse et la diversité des points de vue et des compétences au sein de Métrodiff facilitent la mise en relation entre les personnes et les regards croisés autour des questions de mesure et de métrologie en lien avec le partage de la culture métrologique entre le plus grand nombre.

Le 20 mai 2019, Métrodiff organise un Café-débat “Métrologie et sciences de l’information et de la communication” de 17h30 à 20h30 à l'Amphithéâtre Robert Faure au Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, 292 rue Saint Martin, 75003 Paris, France.

Pour plus de renseignements et pour vous inscrire, merci de bien vouloir cliquer ici.


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Hungary (BFKH)

Posted: 2019-05-17 @ 15:45 UTC+2


Celebrating World Metrology Day in Hungary

On 16 May 2019 the National Metrology Institute of Hungary (BFKH) hosted a symposium to celebrate World Metrology Day on the theme "The International System of Units: Fundamentally better".

For detailed information, please see the program.


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India (CSIR-NPL)

Posted: 2019-05-19 @ 20:35 UTC+2


Celebrating World Metrology Day in India

The CSIR-NPL, India, is celebrating World Metrology Day in a big way. On this historic day, CSIR-NPL will introduce the redefined SI Units to the nation in terms of constant of nature through a series of events, delivering lectures, and releasing several posters inducing the WMD theme poster The International System of Units – Fundamentally better.

NPL will highlight the impact of metrology in all walks of human life; it will release posters on technologies transferred, commercialized, patents granted, and the number of users served through metrological services by CSIR-NPL during 2018-2019. It will also release a poster on Indian Reference Materials: Bhartiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND) and NPL’s new certified BNDs. It will publish posters on special projects of socio-economic and industrial relevance that are being implemented at CSIR-NPL for the creation of testing and calibration facilities for LED lighting and testing of ballistic materials, etc.

In order to create awareness and promote the redefined SI units, NPL has designed special souvenirs, a key ring on SI units and another Metrology Wheels on SI Units, depicting the seven SI units and their links to corresponding fundamental constants. Further, as a memorial of the event, CSIR-NPL has designed and painted a huge Wall of Metrology Graffiti in CSIR-NPL’s beautiful campus as a token of continuation of celebrations over time.

As a national responsibility and keeping in view the importance and recognition of the revision of the SI, the CSIR-NPL has also prepared documents on i) NPL Policy on Metrological Traceability, ii) recommendations on the proposed changes to be incorporated in the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks and implement the new changes to impart contemporary education to its students and iii) recommendations on the proposed changes to be incorporated in syllabi of metrology courses in graduate engineering and academic courses being taught in All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), and other academic institutes. All these documents will also be released on May 20, 2019.

On this occasion CSIR-NPL is also publishing a book entitled “Redefined SI Units and Glimpses of NPL Metrological Activities” of almost 100 pages to percolate and disseminate the information accommodating details on new changes, the posters and documents mentioned above and the role of NPL in strengthening the Indian metrological infrastructure for government representatives, policy makers, regulators, certification bodies, academic institutions, industry and the public as a whole.

All these CSIR-NPL promotional activities will certainly help to take the movement of new and advanced evolving metrology to masses and metrological activities of CSIR-NPL to new heights.


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Italy (INRIM)

Posted: 2019-05-18 @ 15:05 UTC+2


INRIM, the Italian National Metrology Institute, celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

INRIM, the Italian National Metrology Institute, is celebrating World Metrology Day 2019 and the new International System of units by conferences (all broadcast via live streaming) and other events on May 18 and 20.

On May 18, in its former main seat in the heart of Turin, INRIM is organising a lab tour, while some readings about Galileo Ferraris will be held in the historic Library. The Library will also be hosting video installations and a display of antique measuring instruments.

On the same day, not far from this seat, four INRIM researchers will give a talk in the beautiful Valentino Castle. Topics will be the SI history and the forthcoming redefinition. A science journalist will moderate them. This conference will be preceded by jazz music and readings performed by an actor.

On May 20, at the Science Academy of Turin a series of lectures will focus on the past, present and future of the science of measures. The public will be able to learn about measurements in Italy, the role of metrology in today’s economy and society and, of course, about SI redefinition.

The first event is intended for the general public, while the second one is addressed to more skilled people, but not only.

Further information is available on this webpage.


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Italy (Politecnico di Bar)

Posted: 2019-04-16 @ 16:05 UTC+2


Polytechnic University of Bari celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

On the occasion of World Metrology Day 2019, the Polytechnic University of Bari will organize a special event entitled “World Metrology Day at Politecnico di Bari” on 20 May.

During the event, several academic scientists will present the historical evolution of the base units defining the International System and the new definitions in terms of a set of seven reference constants. The academic community, students and high school staff are invited to the event.


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Kenya (KEBS)

Posted: 2019-07-01 @ 11:10 UTC+2


Kenya celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

In Kenya, the Kenya Bureau of standards - KEBS is the designated national metrology institute for scientific and industrial metrology. It currently operates 13 primary laboratories in mass, pressure, Force, volume, AC-DC, Photometry, temperature, length, Time & Frequency, energy & Transformer, Density & Viscosity, Acoustics & Vibration and Dosimetry.

Director for metrology and testing, Dr. Henry Rotich, extended invitations to all our stakeholders and the public for the celebration and a luncheon at the institute grounds on 20th May 2019. The chief guest, the ISO President Elect Mr. Eddy Njoroge graced the event and highlighted the key benefits to the industry and the general public on the redefinition of SI and theme “The International System of Units - Fundamentally better”. Guided visits to the National Metrology Laboratories of KEBS were later carried out to the delight of participants.

World Metrology day was celebrated at KEBS headquarters and various stakeholders were in attendance.

For more details and photos, please download the event report.


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Mauritius (MSB)

Posted: 2019-05-17 @ 11:05 UTC+2


Mauritius celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

The Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) has placed a press release in connection with World Metrology Day 2019 in a local newspaper.  Furthermore, it has distributed posters to all the Ministries, academic/educational institutions and business organizations.  An article has been posted on MSB website: http://msb.intnet.mu/English//DOCUMENTS/WMD19 FOR WEBSITE-170519.PDF


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Mexico (CENAM)

Posted: 2019-05-20 @ 16:55 UTC+2


"Open-doors Day" in CENAM México to celebrate World Metrology Day

On May 20 and 21, the Centro Nacional de Metrología of México is pleased to open its doors to show the technological and scientific activities developed for the benefit of Mexican society.

During the event called "Día de Puertas Abiertas 2019", we show visitors some of our 144 laboratories, and the technical experts in metrology talk with visitors about their specialty areas. Additionally, visitors may attend scientific conferences: this year we have prepared fourteen conferences about the redefinition of the SI base units and other related themes. We also have an exhibition area where suppliers of equipment and services show what’s new in metrological applications.

With these two-day open doors, we celebrate World Metrology Day.

On May 20, we will receive mainly representatives of government, industry, academia, research centers and accredited laboratories, among others. On May 21, we will open our doors to approximately 1600 students and members of the public.

For more information: www.cenam.mx/pabiertas/


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Mexico (Etalons)

Posted: 2019-03-09 @ 08:20 UTC+1


2019 World Metrology Day in Monterrey – Mexico

The Metrology Laboratory ETALONS in coordination with the Facultad de Ingenieria Mecanica y Electrica de la Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, will be celebrating 2019 World Metrology Day by organizing a series of technical conferences on May 17, 2019. This celebration will be one of the most important events in the history of the International System of Units (the SI) because from 20 May 2019 all the SI Units will based on quantum phenomena. The theme for World Metrology Day 2019 - The International System of Units – Fundamentally better, will be presented to University students also to Industry in Nuevo Leon – México.

Register now:  www.forodemetrologia.com


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Mongolia (MASM)

Posted: 2019-06-01 @ 11:50 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Mongolia

Since 2005, in Mongolia it is the tradition to celebrate World Metrology Day on 20 May each year. This year we put special emphasis on a very important event for not only among the metrology community but also among all the scientific community.

The Metrology Institute of the Mongolian Agency for Standard and Metrology (MASM) has taken initiatives to conduct several events within the term of this year’s framework “International system of units SI- Fundamentally better”.

Firstly, on 3 May 2019, we conducted a workshop among specialists from the verification department of MASM and senior specialists and researchers from the Metrology Institute on the enforcement of New SI system of units starting from May 20. Specialists from related laboratories presented new definitions of the 7 SI base units and discussed future work plans to distribution about the New SI system. Young metrologists came with many ideas to make some posters and leaflets to promote this important SI change throughout the country.

Secondly, a joint forum was organized by the Metrology Institute and the Mongolian Physics Society on the topic “International system of units SI-Fundamentally better”. The Mongolian Physics Society unifies leading physicists from the National University of Mongolia, the University of Science and Technology, the Science Academy, the Physics and Technology Institute and the University of Science and Education.

Invited guests from the national universities of Mongolia and Institutes and representatives from institutions, as well as experts from the Metrology Institute of MASM delivered 7 dedicated presentations on defining the constants for ‘second’, ‘metre’, ‘kilogram’, ‘Ampere’, ‘Kelvin’ and ‘mole’ as well as understanding of the redefinition of the SI.

After the presentations discussion was conducted among participants. The main issues focused on the future distribution of the new SI system of units to students and teachers and related professionals, and the translation issue. Specially, there might be some confusion in notation of the SI unit symbols in the Cyrillic alphabet. The Mongolian Physics Society decided to publish all the presentations in a white paper and felt that this will increase awareness to teachers and university professors and researchers and also highlight the special emphasis put on the importance of collaboration between the Metrology Institute and other institutes.

Several television stations broadcasted about this event via news and interviews. Awareness of the new SI system of units will continue throughout the year. We will send copies of the posters and leaflets, which have already been prepared, to the Ministry of Science and Education and the Institute of teachers’ development.

The regular publication of the Mongolian Agency for Standard and Metrology (MASM), the journal named ‘Standard-metrology”, was fully dedicated to topics related to the 7 SI base units and their redefinition. For further information, please visit www.masm.gov.mn


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Montenegro (Bureau of Metrology)

Posted: 2019-03-06 @ 10:55 UTC+1


2019 World Metrology Day in Montenegro

In the context of the celebration of World Metrology Day, the Bureau of Metrology will organize “Open Days” from 6 to 15 May 2019 for elementary and high school students. The students will be presented with basic information on the upcoming changes to the definitions of the International System of Units (SI) as well as a short history of metrology with a special emphasis on the signing of the “Metre Convention”.

The students will also be presented with the national measurement standards and attend simple measurement procedures in national calibration laboratories in the field of metrology of mass, pressure, length, electrical quantities, temperature, time and frequency, volume as well as the Laboratory for Electrical Power.

In an effort to mark the celebration of World Metrology Day, the Bureau of Metrology has been organizing this event for six years now.

In addition to the traditionally organized “Open Days”, an awards ceremony will be held for 36 students competing in groups in a great prize contest “The Beauty of Crystals”. The competition in crystal growth will last 5 months and it is intended for 7th, 8th and 9th grade students from elementary schools, as well as for high school students of all grades. The aim of this competition is the affirmation of science, with a particular focus on chemistry and crystallography as well as drawing attention to the impact of accurate measurements on science.


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New Zealand (MSL)

Posted: 2019-03-06 @ 10:53 UTC+1


2019 World Metrology Day in New Zealand

The Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand is running five public events “Redefining How We Measure Our World” to communicate the impacts of the changes to the International System of Units (SI) coming into force on 20 May 2019 (World Metrology Day).

More information is available from this website link www.measurement.govt.nz/news-and-events/international-system-of-units-redefinition-2019/

We are running a competition for the duration of our Roadshows to see how far a Commonwealth Gold Medalist can throw our 1 kilogram standard. Check out the video and competition details here www.measurement.govt.nz/news-and-events/international-system-of-units-redefinition-2019/si-roadshow-competition/.


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Norway (JV)

Posted: 2019-05-13 @ 16:10 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Norway

The Norwegian Metrology Service (JV) will conduct a theme day in celebration of World Metrology Day, on Monday 20 May, where our physicists will inform the public about the changes in the SI system.

More information is to be found here: https://www.justervesenet.no/temadag-si-malinger-for-alle-for-all-framtid/


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Posted: 2019-05-13 @ 17:45 UTC+2


IV Week of Metrology in Peru - X Symposium of Metrology in Peru

On May 20, World Metrology Day is celebrated in commemoration of the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875, of which Peru was one of the 18 founding states. This treaty provided the basis for a unified and consistent measurement system throughout the world.

As part of the commemorative activities, each year the INACAL Metrology Directorate holds the Metrology Symposium in Peru, and this year in its X edition will feature national and international exhibitors, as well as the inclusion of selected technical articles in the "Call for Technical Articles 2019".

This symposium is aimed at experts, professionals and technicians of calibration and testing laboratories, industrial companies, professors and students of engineering and science universities interested in learning about the recent advances in metrology worldwide, and their applications in measurements of various physical and chemical magnitudes used in various fields such as technology, industry, science, among others.

Venue: Sonesta Hotel El Olivar, Pancho Fierro Street N ° 194 - San Isidro.

Dates: Thursday 16 and Friday 17 May 2019.

For more information: https://www.inacal.gob.pe/metrologia/categoria/eventos


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Portugal (IPQ)

Posted: 2019-04-05 @ 08:50 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Portugal

On 20 May, IPQ (Portugal) will organize a special event to celebrate World Metrology Day on the theme “The International System of Units - Fundamentally better”.

The event will be held in the Museum of Electricity, Lisbon, for the national community and will feature activity in all metrology fields.

It will be an honour to have the presence of Dr. Martin Milton (BIPM), Dr. Roman Schwartz (OIML) and Sir Peter Knight (NPL) in such an important year for Metrology, in view of the fact that the revised SI definitions are expected to come into force on that day.

For more information, please download the information sheet and program.


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Russian Federation (Rosstandart)

Posted: 2019-05-20 @ 17:35 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in the Russian Federation

Every year on the eve of World Metrology Day in the Russian Federation, the Moscow International Innovation Forum “Accurate measurements – the basis of quality and safety” (MetrolExpo) takes place. It is a large-scale event gathering metrologists, engineers, manufacturers of measuring instruments and consumers http://metrol.expoprom.ru/

This year the numerous events and topics of the MetrolExpo’2019 (15-17 May) were devoted to the transfer to the new SI and held under the motto – “The International system of units – fundamentally better”. More info is available here.

The head of Rosstandart Alexey Abramov made an opening speech, in which he emphasized the importance and significance of the transfer to the new SI. More info is available here.

A number of events have been conducted by the Rosstandart and its subordinate organizations to promote the revised SI as a preparation to 2019 WMD.

The BIPM and BIML Directors’ addresses, Resolutions of the 26th CGPM, press release, SI posters and other official materials have been translated and published in the Russian metrological journals (Measurement Techniques, Chief Metrologist, The World of Measurements, Legal and Applied Metrology, and others) or made available on the Internet.

On May 13 the Rosstandart organized a scientific conference in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (edu.), devoted to the new SI definitions based on the fundamental physical constants.

On May 15 the International information agency RIA-news published the release concerning the forthcoming WMD 2019 event. More info is available here.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation pays significant attention to the achievements of metrology presented during WMD events at MetrolExpo’2019. Deputy Minister Alexey Besprozvannykh gave an informative speech on the importance of the implementation of the new measurement principles in innovate technologies. More info is available here.

MetrolExpo’2019 was also the venue for the Fourth All-Russian Congress of Metrologists and Manufacturers of measuring instruments initiated and conducted by the Rosstandart together with the Moscow-based VNIIMS (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Metrological Service).

A Rap Battle performance called “Kilogram Prototype versus Planck’s Constant” was staged during MetrolExpo’2019. The Battle’s participants were mostly graduates and post-graduates of universities. More info is available here and a video can be downloaded here.

Ref. MetrolExpo’2018 was visited by 5,046 people with 296 companies taking part.


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Saint Lucia (SLBS)

Posted: 2019-05-16 @ 20:05 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Saint Lucia

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) will commemorate World Metrology Day 2019 with a Press Introduction on May 20 2019 at the SLBS Conference Room at 10:30 a.m. (Atlantic Standard Time).

The SLBS will unveil its new one kilogram (1 kg) standard, which is traceable to the new SI through the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). This very accurate mass standard was donated to the SLBS last year under the Mass Project of the Inter-American Metrology System (SIM). This mass standard will eventually be declared and maintained as our national standard kilogram. This will be followed by a question and answer session from the Metrology Department.

Please refer to our WMD 2019 Press Release which has been posted to the SLBS website at www.slbs.org.lc/2019/05/15/world-metrology-day-2019-celebrates-changes-to-the-international-system-of-units-si/

Update 2019-06-01:

A local television news report on Saint Lucia’s WMD 2019 commemoration is available at this YouTube link.


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Saudi Arabia (IMC Academy)

Posted: 2019-03-15 @ 11:10 UTC+1


2019 World Metrology Day in Saudi Arabia (International Medical Center)

The International Medical Center, Jeddah is planning to conduct an activity in celebration of World Metrology Day on April 15. For further details, please click here.


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Saudi Arabia (NMCC/SASO)

Posted: 2019-05-16 @ 13:50 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Saudi Arabia (NMCC/SASO)

In November 2018, the 26th meeting of the General Conference of Weights and Measures (CGPM) was held in Paris and was attended by official delegations representing the member states of the Meter Convention. In this conference, the SI system in its new version was approved by unanimity of member states. Saudi Arabia being a full member, was represented by an official delegation who contributed to the voting on the approval of the new SI system.

For further details, please click here.


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Saudi Arabia (SQC)

Posted: 2019-05-21 @ 23:35 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Saudi Arabia (SQC)

Thank you very much to those who are doing their best to propagate the WMD message. It is my pleasure to share with you the Saudi Quality Council (SQC) participation in WMD 2019.
This year’s event is the tenth edition since 2010. The Saudi Quality Council, under the official patronage of His Excellency the Governor of Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), organized the Tenth Measurement Forum on 14 April 2019, in line with the World Metrology Day theme this year “The International System of Units - Fundamentally better”.
Brief highlights of the program are as below:

  1. Venue: SASO branch in Jeddah.
  2. Keynote Speakers: Ismail ALFALEH, Vice General Manager of the National Measurement & Calibration Center (NMCC).
  3. The Program consisted of two sessions with four lectures in addition to the introductory speech and the speech of H.E the Governor of SASO.
  4. In addition to the four lectures, a “tour of the metrology world” lecture which is delivered every year to explore the evolutions in the measurement arena.
  5. The program covered different applications of measurements such as legal, the SI units evolution, measurement in a renewable energy system, smart energy metering system and measurements in the medical sector.
  6. A special web page about the event is available to present the WMD program with different resources of information about Metrology concepts and applications. Also, a translation into Arabic of the Messages from the BIML and BIPM Directors is presented.

Please visit www.sqc.org.sa/wmd/.

We wish you a successful and happy WMD every year.

Eng. Waleed Al-Faris (Email)
Member of the Executive Committee of the SQC


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Slovakia (UNMS)

Posted: 2019-05-15 @ 12:20 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Slovakia

On the occasion of World Metrology Day 2019, the Slovak Office of Standards Metrology and Testing, in cooperation with the Slovak Metrology Institute, Slovak Legal Metrology and Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava have prepared the National Week of Metrology which consists of a number of events including expert lectures in the field of Measuring Units, a Welcome Day at the Slovak Metrology Institute, and other events. The official program of the National Week of Metrology is available here:

The Slovak Metrology Society has also prepared a major workshop which will be held from 22 to 23 May 2019. The focus of the workshop will be Intelligent Industry, Redefinition of Measuring Units, Changes in National Law and Research and Development in the field of metrology.

Another key highlight of the seminar will be the award of the J. A. Segner prize on the occasion of World Metrology Day by the President of the Slovak office of Standards Metrology and Testing. The aim of this award is to highlight key contributions of individuals or a team of employees that participated in the development of metrology and metrological assurance of measuring instruments, accuracy and consistency of measurements in the Slovak Republic or contributed to disseminating knowledge of the results achieved in this field. The official program of workshop is available here:


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South Africa (NMISA )

Posted: 2019-05-15 @ 10:05 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in South Africa

The National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) will be hosting two organised industry conferences on the 13th, 15th and 16th of May 2019, at the Capital Hotel, Menlyn Maine in Pretoria, South Africa. The conferences are being held to promote awareness by introducing the implementation of the Revised International System of Units (SI). The activities for the week will conclude the celebration of World Metrology Day on the 20th May 2019. The themes for the conferences include “Metrology meets the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR) and“Shorten the Traceability Chain for Africa".

The conferences will provide Metrologists with a clear outlook of how the revised SI, its effect on new technologies and how the redefinition may impact Africa, and how the continent should respond. The “Metrology meets 4th IR" conference will be held on the 13th of May 2019. The programme includes an overview of the previous industrial revolutions, what the current revolution is achieving, its effects, current strategies of the African Union to meet the future challenges, and how stakeholders in Africa can cooperate, not only to negate disruptive technologies, but how to benefit from it.

On the 20th of May 2019 (World Metrology Day), NMISA will be having a planned day with industry regulators- more of a breakfast session. The regulators will have a visit to various laboratories at NMISA. NMISA is also expected to have a Live interview on South Africa’s popular breakfast show, SABC2 Morning Live. The CEO of NMISA, Mr Ndwakhulu Mukhufhi or the President of the CIPM, Dr Wynand Louw will be interviewed on this show to unpack Metrology and World Metrology Day. Furthermore, NMISA has been sharing social media content for world metrology day and its press release to build up on the commemoration of the day.


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Spain (CEM)

Posted: 2019-04-23 @ 17:30 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Spain

“Special date = significant events”

On the occasion of the entry into force of the redefinition of the SI, the Centro Español de Metrología in collaboration with other national institutions is organizing a series of conferences and events to commemorate World Metrology Day, and the 30th Anniversary of its inauguration by Their Royal Highness, the King and the Queen of Spain, in 1989. The schedule is as follows:

  • 20 May 2019: Public presentation of the reedition of the Ibañez de Iberos’ manuscript: “Resumen de los trabajos preparatorios de la Comisión Internacional para la realización de los prototipos internacionales y la creación de la Oficina Internacional de Pesas y Medidas (1871 – 1872)“ with the collaboration of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) and the Spanish Engineering Institute (IIE). The book will be available on the CEM website (www.cem.es) with an English translation after the public presentation.

In addition, on 22 May CEM celebrates:

  • 30th anniversary of the inauguration of CEM by their Royal Highness the King and Queen of Spain, Juan Carlos I and Sofia, on the same day in 1989
  • World Metrology Day 2019

by hosting the 9th Inter Congresses Seminar with the leitmotiv:  “Metrology as a tool for the resolution of the major societal challenges facing our society" with world-class guests.

The Seminar will include the following oral presentations:

  • Key Lecture: La Revisión del SI; retos y oportunidades para la Metrología. Prof. Martin Milton. Director del BIPM

Round table:

  • Metrología cuántica. Prof. Miguel Ángel Martín-Delgado. Facultad de Ciencias Físicas. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • La Metrología como herramienta en la lucha contra el cambio climático. Prof. Manola Brunet. Presidenta de la Comisión de Climatología de la World  Meteorological Organization - WMO y Directora del Centro de Cambio Climático de la Universidad Rovira i Virgili
  • Metrología y energía. D. Jesús Manuel Gil. Gerente de Innovación y Nuevas Energías de ENAGAS
  • Metrología y salud, la perspectiva del Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Dra. Raquel Yotti. Directora del Instituto de Salud Carlos III
  • Metrología e industria 4.0. D. Francisco Requena. Responsable de Smart Factory SEAT & D. Pedro Vallejo. Responsable de la parte de Medición y Metrología en Calidad de SEAT

Master of ceremonies: D. Manuel Seara. Dtor. Programa “A hombros de gigantes”. RNE (RTVE)

CEM invites everyone interested in the science of measure to participate, free of charge, in this event. Presentations will be available on the CEM website after the seminar. The event will be available in streaming.

For more information about the seminar, please click the following link: https://www.cem.es/9-seminario-intercongresos-30-aniversario-del-cem


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Posted: 2019-05-14 @ 11:00 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Ukraine

On the occasion of World Metrology Day 2019, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and the Ukrainian National Metrology Centres are planning a number of events including an International Forum on Technical Regulation “Technical Regulation for the Development of Science, Education, Business” which will be held on 23–24 May 2019 in Lviv, Ukraine.

The theme of the Forum is relevant and promising as it has far-reaching objectives in the development of science, education and business. Technical regulation is the key to sustainable development of the country.

The dates of the Forum coincide with the celebration of World Metrology Day on May 20.

According to Resolution 1 of the General Conference on Weights and Measures, the redefinition of the base units of the International System of Units makes it available and uniform for the purposes of international trade, high-tech production, the preservation of public health and safety, protection of the environment and the study of global humanity problems.

For more information please visit: www.me.gov.ua


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United Arab Emirates (ESMA)

Posted: 2019-05-12 @ 11:40 UTC+2


United Arab Emirates celebration of WMD 2019

The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) organized a celebration on the occasion of World Metrology Day on 2 May 2019 in Dubai, on the theme The International System of Units – Fundamentally better.

The National Metrology Institute, calibration labs and Emirates University attended this event and presented their experience and knowledge of the revision of the SI and its role in scientific research to support the innovation and the stability of the SI units.

ESMA presented the progress of scientific metrology in the UAE and focused on the importance of spreading knowledge in the field of metrology and the SI.

View the photos of the event - Click here.


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United Kingdom (NPL)

Posted: 2019-05-13 @ 16:20 UTC+2


Celebrating World Metrology Day in the United Kingdom

The National Physical Laboratory, the UK National Metrology Institute will be launching a new set of educational materials to mark World Metrology Day and also hosting a unique evening event at the London Science Museum to celebrate all things measurement. Join over 100 metrologists to find out about the International System of Units and how they are changing, how measurement is important to society and the economy.

Find out more at www.npl.co.uk/campaigns/world-metrology-day


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United States (Eastern Shore Community College)

Posted: 2019-05-14 @ 07:35 UTC+2


Science and Philosophy Seminar - The Metrology Revolution of 2019

On 10 May 2019, the Eastern Shore Community College (Melfa, Virginia, USA) celebrated World Metrology Day as part of their ongoing Science and Philosophy Seminar Series (www.sciphi.org). Dr. Larry Hudson of the Radiation Physics Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was invited to talk on "The Metrology Revolution of 2019".

Before the talk began, there was a screening of the trailer for The Last Artifact, a NIST-funded documentary film about the SI redefinition, to be released in 2019. The talk itself covered the role and functions of national metrology institutes, a brief history of metrology, and finally the story of the redefinition of 4 of the 7 base units of the SI that is to occur on World Metrology Day, 20 May 2019. A reception followed hosted by Josh and Sandra Hall.


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Uzbekistan (UzNIM)

Posted: 2019-04-26 @ 14:40 UTC+2


The Republic of Uzbekistan celebrates World Metrology Day 2019

On the occasion of World Metrology Day 2019, the Uzbek National Institute of Metrology (UzNIM) is planning a number of events, including a conference at the republican level.

The republican conference “Metrology-2019”, which will be held on May 17, timed for World Metrology Day, will address the redefinition of the base units of the International System of Units (SI), the latest achievements of the republic in the field of metrology and the development of quality infrastructure at the national level. It will bring together professionals from science, industry, business and institutions of higher education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

For more information, please visit: www.nim.uz.


Республика Узбекистан отмечает Всемирный день метрологии 2019 года

По случаю Всемирного дня метрологии 2019 года, Узбекский национальный институт метрологии (УзНИМ) планирует ряд мероприятий, включая конференцию на республиканском уровне.

Республиканская конференция «Метрология-2019», которая состоится 17 мая, приуроченная ко Всемирному дню метрологии, посвящена переопределению базовых единиц Международной системы единиц (СИ), последним достижениям республики в области метрологии и развитию инфраструктуры качества на национальном уровне, и соберет профессионалов из науки, промышленности, бизнеса и высших учебных заведений Республики Узбекистан.

Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, посетите: www.nim.uz.


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Vietnam (STAMEQ)

Posted: 2019-05-24 @ 07:55 UTC+2


Activities to celebrate World Metrology Day 2019 in Vietnam

On 17 May 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam, to mark the occasion of World Metrology Day (May 20), under the sponsor of the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ), the Vietnam Metrology Association (VINAMET) and the Vietnam Metrology Institute (VMI) co-hosted a seminar to promote the theme for World Metrology Day “The International System of Units - Fundamentally better”.

Mr Tran Van Vinh, Director General of STAMEQ, attended the seminar and delivered the opening speech. The event focused on the changes in the SI, especially the new definitions of the fundamental SI units. It also considered the orientation of Vietnam’s metrology field in the wake of the SI changes, and the promotion of the advantages and significance of changes.

This workshop served as a platform to exchange ideas between representatives of State agencies, organizations and individuals in and outside the field of metrology. Additionally, it will contribute to advancing metrology activities in society as a whole, in particular meeting the needs of scientific research, management, production, businesses and citizens. Click here to see a photo.


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Zambia (ZMA)

Posted: 2019-05-16 @ 12:15 UTC+2


20 May, 2019 – Zambia launches the dry capacity measure “Meda”

As part of the world Metrology Day celebrations, the Zambia Metrology Agency will be launching a dry capacity measure commonly known as a “Meda” in Zambia. The Meda is a measure that is about 5 litres. This is a measure that most marketeers use to sell dry products such as rice, beans and groundnuts. The launch will be on 20th May 2019 and will form part of the World Metrology Day celebrations.

The project was developed as a result of numerous complaints associated with the trade of dry products, as there were different sizes of dry measures. The Zambia Metrology Agency came up with a project to standardize dry measures which will address the identified problem and hence remove the unfair trading practices that existed.

During the project development, other small sizes of dry measures were identified as being key to the success of the project as some buyers prefer to buy small quantities. The smaller quantities include 1 litre, 500 ml and 250 ml.

More information will be provided after the event.


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Zimbabwe (SIRDC)

Posted: 2019-05-17 @ 07:55 UTC+2


2019 World Metrology Day in Zimbabwe

The National Metrology Institute and the Trade Measures Section propose the following activities in commemoration of World Metrology Day 2019:

  1. Press releases in the major daily as well as weekly newspapers
  2. Bulk SMS messages through Econet, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network
  3. Media briefing (TV and Radio)
  4. Posts on Twitter and Websites
  5. Display and distribution of WMD posters


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